I have had a stuffy nose for the past month and today was the first time I sang.  It was liberating.  I felt like myself Again.  

We take so much for granted.  I do not ever want to take my voice (singing or speaking) for granted.

I will try my best to speak the Truth.  Speak only kind words.


Yes I agree Tey about kind words, with what I’ve went through with my shoulder and a teenager that’s getting more disrespectful it seems all the time that’s why I had to leave social media and try to work a lot while I could till I couldn’t luckily no surgery, but words hurt too and people saying well just suck it up, and normally I do but it gets to a point that you can’t and not take too many ibuprofen or Tylenol! I hope you didn’t feel like I didn’t want to talk to you anymore, it’s I hope getting all better and all and I felt maybe I was putting too much out there of problems on your pages, I will know tomorrow if my shoulder is atleast 90% or what it was before! Let’s hope talk later

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