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Selections from Tey and Tina Lambert are included in a musically diverse collection entitled “The Sounds of Christmas 2009”, but there are also selections from more well-known musicians such as former Styx keyboardist Dennis DeYoung, Richard Marx, Stephen Bishop, and the wacky ACDC “tribute” band Hayseed Dixie. The CD is a mixed bag in terms of quality and interest, but the recitation of “Good King Wenceslas” by William Shatner that brings the whole thing to an end is beyond comment. Or comprehension.


Went to my mailbox the other day and was surprised to see a press kit from one of my favorite “finds”. A few years back I had stumbled across a lovely singer named Tey Punsalan who blew me away with her great voice and jaw dropping beauty. I became a fan right away and was convinced this was a star just ready to blossom. But the American music industry is extremely fickle. Think of how many stars were just a bit of ahead of thier time. While we can embrace white and black artists,other equally talented artists who don’t quite fit in or linger just outside of the mainstream simply don’t get the chance to shine. Let me be quite plain here….I have been in the music business for 20 years,12 as a talent buyer,8 as a music journalist. I have seen acts come and go,flashes in the pan,one hit wonders,cookie cutters deluxe. Tey Punsalan should be a major star. Its a real damn shame she is not,while we get crap like American Idol and other cookie cutter crap,a real talent who can do it all…..pop,dance,ballads and write her own songs struggles to be heard. She is one of the hardest working artists I have met. Now Tey has a new CD out called “On MyWay To Me”. Starting with the amazing and ironic cover of Tey standing to power lines,one this album,Tey decides to strip her sound to sparse acoustics. The goal is to showcase both Tey’s vocals and songwriting. Add in some tasty covers and you have a beautifully sounding effort. The title track,a young woman’s brave choice to live her life her way is a strong way to start the album. On “I Wonder” a ballad about commitment features some nice quirky guitar changes by Tey. The hook is very gentle and alluring. “Sex on the Beach” might have worked a bit better as a dance number but still works as a slow jam. The vocals are clean and sexy in an adult way. You don’t hear this very often in today’s music no matter what the genre is. The other six songs includes a sultry cover of George Michael’s “Faith”. Tey wrote or co-wrote 6 of the 10 songs on this CD,showcasing her feel for songwriting. You really should yourself a favor and order this CD and take a chance on one hell of a talented young lady. One of the best albums of the year.

In a beautiful, if somewhat brief set, pop sensation Tey pays a soulful tribute to the season, beginning and ending with the sweet title cut Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around. As a vocal stylist, Tey definitely delivers, with an evocative and breathy phrasing that wrings emotion from every line. I liked the set she chose: in addition to her own song, she includes a nice set of popular favorites, of which my favorite was her rendition of Silver Bells. If Carol were reviewing this title, she might be calling for about three more tracks. But for me, any line-up of holiday favorites that doesn't include Silent Night is an instant winner. Tey hits just the right note with this just-longer-than-EP-length Christmas is Easy When Love's Around.

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"Soulful music from a beautiful woman. Very rare does beauty, musical talent and natural attraction all work so well with one person. Tey is a raw talent. A multi dimentional artist with a goal in mind to give the world a little bit of her world. Initially, you are caught by her beauty not realizing there is so much more behind this young lady. As I listened to many of her songs I noticed how she pays homage to the old R&B classics while adder herself. Only a try lover of music and artist can make you feel so good to listen to her. We expect a lot from Tey over the next few months. It is going to be a wonderful treat to see what else she has in store for our listening pleasure. You can turn off the radio and just pop in your mp3 player and sit back and enjoy what Tey has to offer."

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Tey Punsalan is more than a pretty face. This lady is a talented Pop / R&B artist who came into my life earlier on this year when I came across her on My Space. We then made contact and Tey kindly sent over one of her albums and a single for review. I enjoyed both and there was only one thing left to do and that was interview this cool lady. Here's what Tey has to say for herself. Street Voice: First off Tey can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little about yourself please? My manager calls me BOLD, a bold artist i mean :-) meaning I'm not afraid to show my feelings, I'm not afraid to be sexy or sad. Street Voice: So what inspired you to start playing the music that you do? I LOVE all sorts of music which makes it tough to choose a particular genre, so i guess i just go with my instincts and they are usually right, right for me at least :-) Street Voice: If you had the choice of one artist to share a stage with who would it be and why? Wow.. Well it would just be amazing to be onstage with my heroes such as Sade, Bob Dylan, Streisand, Patti La Belle, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Mclachlan, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Prince. Street Voice: Where do you get your ideas for your lyrics? A lot of times, it's from what I see, and hear, and read, and watch, and experience. Street Voice: I believe you've released one album and a couple of singles but are there plans to release anything new in 2009? I actually have 4 full albums and a single. I am working on an acoustic album to be released in 2009. Street Voice: Where can people outside the USA/Canada pick these releases up from? The web is worldwide so all my songs are definitely downloadable through itunes and such. You can get them physically all over the globe. For example they're 19 stores in Australia that have my CD, 3 stores in Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Equador, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Guam, Singapore, South Africa, etc.. Lots of them independent stores.. Street Voice: You're a very well travelled lady so would it be easier to tell us where you haven't been but would like to go? I was supposed to have some shows in Costa Rica, Greece i hear is amazing, Egypt for sure, and should i go on and on? :) oh and i was looking at a flat in the UK the last time I was there :-) Street Voice: I believe you've played in Europe so how does the audience compare here to that of the USA/Canada? That's a tough questions since I don't want to offend any fans.. Cause i certainly love performing to them all.. But i would surely loooove to be back in Europe soon! Street Voice: In your own opinion what has been the best show you've played to date? Best show? Ok, another very tough question since i have amazing shows all the time! Hmmmm! I'll have to say the most memorable one was when our stage was the back of a huge truck, i had sand bags as my way up the stage, dirt all over the place in my white dress, i had to knock to get out of what we called the dressing room cause i had soldiers guarding it, and a tiny mirror to boot :-) Street Voice: You're a hot looking lady with plenty of talent so when are you heading to the UK so we can go out for dinner? Soon as this interview is over :-) Now that would make my day:-) Street Voice: Aside from your music what other things are important to you? My family, and my sanity :-) Street Voice: So what plans do you have for the rest of 2009? Finishing up this CD and touring the States and hopefully Europe again. Street Voice: Anything you'd like to add? Like I always say.. 'I am truly nothing without the listener". So please.. Keep listening.. Always :-) Thanks to Tey for doing the interview. If you like Pop / R&B tunes then you should give this cool lady a listen. It's great to see a commercial artist come through who's the real deal. I love Tey Punsalan and so should you!

Oh no! 1 of Tey's bloopers already on AOL videos!

April Fools on Tey!

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RnB/Pop/Trance. So ganz brandneu ist dieses Album zwar nicht mehr, wurde bisher jedoch noch nicht in Deutschland veröffentlicht. Tey aus den Staaten setzt auf die eher sanften Töne und verzichtet auf zu überladene Beats. Tey beginnt ihr Album im Soul-Bereich und liefert eine gelungene Coverversion von "Sexual healing" ab; anschließend taucht sie dann zunehmend in den House- und Trancebereich, der insbesondere in Lounges und Dance-Clubs Anklang finden dürfte. Ganz nett und chillig. (Ilka) TRANSLATION: This album is entirely brand-new to us, it was published previously but did not reach Germany until now. Tey from out of the country sets on the rather soft tones and forgoes to overloaded Beats. Tey begins its album in the Soul area and delivers a gelungene cover version of "sexual healing" it subsequently immerses then increasingly in the House- and trance area, that would be allowed to find accord especially in Lounges and Dance clubs. Very nice and chilling.

loves "Sexual Healing" so she's helping Tey with a contest to win a TeyMusic gift basket! see:

Who are your influences? TEY: sade, natalie merchant, patti labelle, barbara streisand, dolly parton, aretha franklin, mary j. blige, sara mclaughlin, and many many more What are your rehearsals generally like? TEY: rehearsals give us all a chance to discover new things, new ways of performing a song as well as honing our craft. rehearsals should be lots of fun for the most part. because music is truly the "language of the soul" Was the opportunity to perform for the troops a changing experience? TEY: definitely! it changed me in more ways than one. personally, professionally, spiritually, politically, lovingly :) all in a good way. i definitely would not trade the experience for anything. it was an experience of a lifetime. What inspires your songwriting? TEY: life, love, people, movies, books, poetry, musical heroes such as bob dylan, natalie merchant, sade, patti labelle, aretha franklin, i can keep going and going :) Are your fans supportive? TEY: my fans are incredibly supportive! i always say.. "i am nothing without the listener". and i certainly have wonderful listeners. Was it hard to be discovered? What advice would you give to those trying to reach discovery? TEY: it certainly takes hard work! in your art, in every part of your career. my advice would be to work your butt off!!! in your art and in every part of your career.. to be yourself, to be honest with yourself and others, to always reinvent yourself, don't be afraid of changes, and to have people around you whom you can trust. always treat others as you want to be treated and be on time! and do as you say.. always! On the fashion side of things, how would you compare your personal style to your performance style or is there no difference? TEY: my personal and performance style coincide with one another. after all i always have to be myself. i am definitely eccentric in my style and yet feminine and comfortable. although i don't wear high heels and stiletto boots at family gatherings and the grocery store :) How do you bring your Filipino (did I use the correct term) culture to the stage? TEY: i try to perform at least one song with some "tagalog" in it. i love to share my filipino culture because i think it's a gift. and it's amazing how well my audience really appreciate it. i'm never surprised when they enjoy my tagalog songs more.. and buy my tagalog cd's as well. Is there anyone you wish to thank for emotional of financial support? TEY: i have a long list.. my family and friends of course. everyone who is in the teymusic team. we work amazing well together with so much love and respect for one another. my listeners of course because without them i wouldn't be doing what i do. all who have inspired me.. including many of my friends. i appreciate each and everyone of the people who have touched my heart and soul. including you :) love always..

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Tey Punsalan.. Our biggest name artist is Filipino!

Our biggest name artist is Filipino! She just recently toured the Middle East to perform for our US Soldiers at the most dangerous time, at a time of war. We are proud of her!

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"..Being so driven can sometimes create a outershell around an artist,but in the two years I have talked with Tey,if anything,she has become even more friendly and graceful.."

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Do you think it's beneficial to have both a website and social network account (MySpace, etc.)? Tey: Definitely! How many online outlets do you use to sell your music? Any one outlet you favor? Tey: There are so many out there.. maybe over 60. Is it safe to mention one? :) itunes seems to be very popular. Do you buy chocolate online? If yes, then where? Tey: Haha.. that's very funny Wendy. and I have to say I have :) but mostly for other people. I love anything chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate cake.. yum. Mrs. Beasley's is fun! How has feedback been on your internet videos? Tey: I'm truly blessed. Everyone's so wonderful and supportive in their own way.

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"Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sensuality and a palpable, soulful influence that lends a melodic quality to her material," wrote Ben Nachman in Music Connections Magazine. Born in the Philippines, singer, actress and model, Tey Punsalan, came to the United States as a child and grew up in Chicago. Her vocal stylings have been compared to Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Barbra Streisand, Sade and Natalie Merchant. Her third album That's How I Feel Tonight was released in 2006 and features her sensuous cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," in addition to five tracks that Tey penned herself. Tey has captured the attention of music critics as well as her audiences.

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Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and palpable soulful influence.." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE who names Tey "One of TOP HOT Artists of the Year!!!" "..the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she's going to be around for a long time." - Shotgun Reviews United Global Artists calls Tey an "entertainment enigma that defies description". The Here And There highly recommended Tey's albums. "Sexy Tey returns with her 3rd release and once again Tey hits the dance floor running. Once again starting off with a beautiful ballad, the self written track, showcases a very confident voice, soft and sensuous". Southbound Beat names her as a "high caliber talent whose vocals can capture your heart and soul". "Tey's music will keep you moving." - Kweevak Music Magazine

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Sultry songstress to entertain troops in Southwest Asia Captivating singer and songwriter, Tey, will entertain U.S. troops in Southwest Asia with her lush vocals and eye-catching dance moves, April 27-May 19. Her show, which includes an ensemble of dancers and musicians, offers a variety of pop, R&B and dance music, served up with Tey's trademark smooth delivery and dramatic flair. "It's an opportunity of a lifetime to be face-to-face with the people who fight for our freedom. We will put on a show that demonstrates to our troops how much we care about them and appreciate all that they do for our country," said Tey. "As an entertainer, I feel the least I can do is be there for them and share my passion for life. I want to help them fully experience all the beauty that life has to offer, because they are faced with so many hardships at this time." Born in the Philippines, singer, actress and model, Tey Punsalan, came to the United States as a child and grew up in Chicago. Her vocal stylings have been compared to Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Barbra Streisand, Sade and Natalie Merchant. Her third album That's How I Feel Tonight was released in 2006 and features her sensuous cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," in addition to five tracks that Tey penned herself. Tey has captured the attention of music critics as well as her audiences. "Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sensuality and a palpable, soulful influence that lends a melodic quality to her material," wrote Ben Nachman in Music Connections Magazine last August. "Tey is an electrifying performer with a voice that speaks to the heart and soul," said Army Captain Trevor Garrett, Armed Forces Entertainment Southwest Asia circuit manager. "Her musical talent and striking beauty never fail to mesmerize her audiences."

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Hi is an honor to have you as The "BOOTY'S" Featured Artist for this month... It gives me great pleasure to have met you, even if only through cyber..It is an honor! The "BOOTY" has done its homework in finding out about you and your career, but for the sake our friends and readers, who may not know you as well, The "BOOTY" would love to ask you it's traditional "Ten Questions" they are.. 1_ When did you know that singing was in you? i knew i was made to perform as a little girl.. watching tv. i knew that would be me everyone would be watching one day. like i've said before, 'it is not only what i want to do.. it is what i MUST do'. 2_You were born in the Phillipines, as a child, was it hard to adjust to the American way of life when you and your family came over? the philippines and the united states are 2 completely different worlds and yet the same. chiildren are extremely resilient. i think as long as i'm with my family, i am happy. we all took the leap together and like anything else, it was meant to be. i am home. 3_How hard was it growing up with 3 brothers or was it benificial to you? boys will be boys but i wouldn't trade them for anything. growing up with 3 brothers.. i can handle anything now to say the least :) it has made me a strong, responsible, and independent person. 4_What has been your most proudest moment in your life and career up to now? growing up i have always said, the proudest moment in my life was having my parent's trust. that is still my proudest moment today.. their trust means everything to me and it has made me accomplish more than if i didn't or don't have it. 5_How old were you when you wrote your first song, "Come Fly With Me" and what was your inspiration? my inspiration has always been love and life. 6_You have toured the Middle East just recently, what was that like? this question always makes me speechless. i want to laugh and cry at the same time. it was the most rewarding, the most satisfying, the most emotional, the most heartbreaking, the most breathtaking, the most frightening, the most loving, the most encouraging, the most eye opening, i can go on and on about the experience.. i fell in love over and over again over there. it was everything and more. it was an experience of a lifetime.. 7_When you came out with "Take Me High" in 2004, you were compared with the likes of Anita Baker & Diana Ross, how good does that feel? i had no expectations. i do what i do the best way i know how and i am truly blessed and truly grateful for the way people see me and hear me. and like i have quoted before "i am nothing without the listener". anita baker and diana ross are 2 of my heroes and only the divine knows what truly is. 8_Even though you have your own style, your music seems to have a rainbow of many different styles, where do all those influences come from? i have an appreciation for all styles of music. my influences come from the most simple things in life to the most complicated. i take in everything and try not to take anything for granted. my heart and soul are always open to the beauty this life has to offer. and that, makes me who i am and that cannot be denied. be the best you and that will always be enough. 9_You are a known chocolate lover, what is your favourite? dark chocolate with almonds. yum... did i say yum. 10_Is there anything you would like to tell our friends and readers? i am here for you always through my art.. my music. Thank you very much Tey for your time, Much success in your life and career. Much love, The "BOOTY" thank you for doing your homework.. it's been fun answering your questions.. hope you like the answers..

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Beautiful to Hear and See.. Dancer, model, actress, and more importantly, singer, Tey is a Philippine native who was raised in Chicago. She combines a voice that's as rich as dark chocolate with a look that could melt even Chicago's notorious winter ice. From Aretha to Sade Tey's vocal styling ranges from brassy R&B to seductively cool.

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Asian Album Of The Year 11 November 2006 r-H's album, Black Asia Volume 1, was awarded 2nd place winner in the Best Asian Album of the Year Category. His song, Lemon Grass, from the same album, was awarded the 5th position in the best Asian Song Category. 1st place went to the album "A Compilation of Tibetan Folk and Freedom Songs" by Techung of Tibet and 3rd place went to Quoc-Bao of Vietnam for the album "Tales (nhung chu yenke)". Best Asian Song winners: (1st) Unspoken Love by Mari Iijima ~ CA., USA (2nd) Looking For A Real Love by Tey Punsalan ~ Phillipines (3rd) Tibok Ng Puso by BEVERLY ~ Phillipines (4th) 911 by TSUTOMU feat. Koichi Sugiura ~ Japan (6th) Winter Fairytale by Lyudmila Smolyakova ~ Russia

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In today's music world The Wizard wishes Tey and her group, just back from their 2007 Mid-East Tour, entertaining our United States Troops, were booked for the Voodoo Music Fest. I think Tey Punsalan, and her entourage, deserve a lot of thanks, and credit, for going to the dangerous Middle East, and unselfishly doing a great job, showing a lot of heart, doin their thing, for our Armed Forces, who are a long ways from home and in constant danger.

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Captivating singer and songwriter, Tey, will entertain U.S. troops in Southwest Asia with her lush vocals and eye-catching dance moves, April 27-May 19. Her show, which includes an ensemble of dancers and musicians, offers a variety of pop, R&B and dance music, served up with Tey's trademark smooth delivery and dramatic flair. Tey, shown here practicing a military drill behind an Epiphone Les Paul, required of all USO touring artists.

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Asian Album Of The Year - Tey Punsalan wins along with Mari Iijima, BEVERLY, TSUTOMU feat. Koichi Sugiura from Japan, Lyudmila Smolyakova from Russia

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Material: Tey’s music is firmly rooted in the dance-pop genre, and relies on a relatively simple construct of vocals, club beats and minimal arrangements for keyboard and synthesizer. While the material may seem formulaic at times, Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and a palpable soulful influence that lends a melodic quality to her material. Tey’s set was almost entirely composed of original songs centered on themes of love and sex, and a well-chosen cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” is an appropriate song that serves to frame Tey’s fare. Musicianship: Relying on pre-recorded backing tracks, the only musician onstage was Tey herself, who doesn’t play any instruments. The tracks are solid, however, and an appropriate showcase for Tey’s considerable talent as a singer. Performance: Tey’s live performance was equal parts cabaret act and live musical performance. It was the live setting that allowed Tey to truly shine. Accompanied by a pair of male dancers decked out in retro garb (think Michael Jackson Thriller-era), and a pair of female dancers whose attire wouldn’t seem out of place in most strip clubs, the emphasis was just as much on the visual as the aural. It was a provocative stage act, to be sure, and definitely intended for an adult audience. Though her live show was more about choreographed dance moves than musical virtuosity, Tey proved herself to be a consummate performer who exuded charm and cheerfully interacted with her audience. Summary: Far from the run-of-the-mill L.A. club show, Tey’s live act brings club culture to the small stage with tremendous results. She’s carved out a niche for herself in an overcrowded and often unoriginal dance-pop genre; and, one must credit Tey for realizing that good songwriting is important.

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Tey is a Hot New Star. Tey has a soft, gentle voice which is both coy and fanfiful. Take Me High has a beautiful lilt. I look forward to her next project.

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He'll keep the beat for troops stationed in Iraq Local man snags his dream gig drumming for pop singer on upcoming USO tour. By Robert S. Hong Glendale Arts and Culture commissioner Amador Solis will practice his art amid other cultures over the next few weeks as he travels on a USO tour to entertain troops stationed overseas. Solis, a drummer, will join pop singer Tey Punsalan in touring Iraq and several surrounding countries, performing a total of 23 shows in 20 days. The group will depart Friday and return May 17. advertisement "I'm hoping to learn a lot and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Solis said. "This is an opportunity not many would take because they might be afraid." Though he has safety concerns, Solis chose to take the three-week tour in spite of the danger. "Three weeks is a long time — and it's war country, so there's a possibility I could die," he said. "But there's always a possibility I could die here, too. If I can help the troops and serve my country in my own special way, then it's something I'm honored to do." His mother, city activist, former Glendale Water & Power Commissioner and recent City Council candidate Lenore Solis, is proud of her son's decision. "I think it's great," she said. "I think all of us should do our part, regardless of how we feel about the war. How we feel has nothing to do with entertaining our troops."

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Tey plays opposite six-time world Champion in martial arts Michel Laurin on a suspense-thiller movie called Foreign Policy. Also in the movie are Basco brothers, Dante Basco of “Hook”, along with Bob Wall of “Enter the Dragon.” ..and in negotiation with Lou Diamond Philip and David Carradine for the part of Ninong. “ Said producer John Rogers who is the president The Lenz Films, Inc.


Tey Punsalan plays Tina, Mike's wife. She is currently on tour across the United States and also a part of the USO Tour in Iraq

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"Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and palpable soulful influence.." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE who names Tey "One of TOP HOT Artists of the Year!!!" "..the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she's going to be around for a long time." - Shotgun Reviews United Global Artists calls Tey an "entertainment enigma that defies description". The Here And There highly recommended Tey's albums. "Sexy Tey returns with her 3rd release and once again Tey hits the dance floor running. Once again starting off with a beautiful ballad, the self written track, showcases a very confident voice, soft and sensuous". Southbound Beat names her as a "high caliber talent whose vocals can capture your heart and soul". "Tey's music will keep you moving." - Kweevak Music Magazine

Music Connection Magazine

13th Annual - One of Top HOT Artist of the Year

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Featuring Candice Accola, Maximillian Alexander, Meredith Giangrande, Adam Hendershott, Brooke Lyons, Rachel Matos, Luke Pennington, Gino Anthony Pesi, Tey Punsalan, Ben Sharples, Holly Towne and Alain Uy. Written and Directed by Kedar Korde Produced by Kedar Korde and George Themelis Cinematography by Royce Allen Dudley Casting by Dino Ladki Edited by Chris W. Hill Original Score by Jara Queeto


Popster Tey Punsalan returns with the ultra dance sound of That’s How I feel Tonight. This time around she offers two songs entirely written by her, three co-written by her, and four others. Tey has always had a good sound but on this release she starts to break away from the independent scene, embracing her strengths wholeheartedly. The album opens with the sensual sound of the title track. A soft ballad about love that puts the spotlight square on Tey’s wonderful vocal work. She has a very soft voice that fits the R & B influenced sound of this song like a glove. Her cover of “Sexual Healing” is another highlight. Instead of approaching it straight on she takes a Hip Hop oriented approach musically. I really like how this song is set up because the Hip Hop aspect dominates when Tey is not singing but when the verses roll around her quietly powerful voice takes center stage and the Hip Hop feel takes a backseat. The obviously Cher influenced “What Can I Do” is another favorite of mine. Tey’s voice is a little more in your face on this one and because of that she proves that she is more than a one dimensional vocalist. Another very noticeable thing about That’s How I feel Tonight is how strongly Tey is coming into her own as a songwriter- she has a lot to offer I think and I’m excited to hear more of her original work. Overall this is easily her strongest release to date. There isn’t a whole lot of really good independent pop music out there, thankfully Tey is changing that. Fans of good pop, dance, and R&B music should definitely check this one out.

The Here & There Zine

Sexy Tey Punsalan returns with her 3rd release and once again, Tey hits the dance floor running. Once again starting off with a beautiful ballad,the self written title track,Tey showcases a very confident voice,soft and sensous. After the album kicks off with "That's How I Feel Tonight",Tey brings some very tasty covers to the mix,including a first for me,a woman covering Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and it works perfectly. I can see some DJ just begging to do a ultra mix on this version. Jody Whatley's "100% Pure Love" is pretty cool as well. But what makes this CD really standout is the fact Tey wrote 5 of the tracks. Thats very impressive for a dance pop act and a solo one at that. Tey's voice is perfect for slow jams as well and she showcases that on the Cher influenced "I Can Get Over You" and the slightly western sounding "I Cannot See". Top to bottom,this could a breakout and major label level album,its that good. The packaging is razor sharp as well...Tey is a beautiful woman and the back of the CD shows just how sexy she is. And good news for the many males whose tongues will be hanging out looking at it,Tey is selling that picture as poster on her website, Highly recommended.

Shotgun Reviews

The first thing you notice about Tey Punsalan is that's she impossibly gorgeous. You just have to get that out there: she's stunning, and it's going to help get her noticed. Fortunately, there's also a lush pop voice to go with those modelesque looks. "That's How I Feel Tonight" finds Tey mining some familiar territory, but doing it in an intriguing way. The construction of the disc is a near equal conflux of covers and original material (five tracks were written or co-written by Tey), but it all carries a unique stamp. While the obvious over-genre here is club-worthy dance-pop, there are elements of jazz, disco and Motown R&B. And even though it is completely danceable, Tey's smooth delivery lends a lower-key feel to the proceedings. There's a quality of stillness and tranquility in the midst of the beats, and that makes it not quite like much that I've heard before. Among the highlights are "Take Me High - lounge remix", which typifies that merged aesthetic of dancefloor chillout, and "Never Knew Love", a terrific take on the track popularized by Dionne Warwick in the disco era. Tey succeeds with this record, and the fact that it's difficult to describe is actually a tribute to the skillful production and musicianship. There aren't many artists that are trying to do much with club fare; the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she's going to be around for a long time

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The album is made for radio, it's awesome! Track #3 'Sexual Healing' is a chill remix of a classic song. She makes all of us want sexual healing. Her voice is commanding, she uses deep emotions and conveys not just the lyrics but the spirit of the song. Tey also writes and performs her own music with a passion. Track #9 'Take Me High' is a song that could easily appear on commercial radio. The beat is good and the background vocals are cool. Track #6 'What Can I Do' has a great sound and a dance beat that ropes you in. This is radio and club music. Tey's songs speak to the heart, she sings with an emotion that is apparent in every one of her songs. THERE IS NO CRITICIZING A VOICE LIKE TEY'S.


Tey's latest CD, "That's How I Feel Tonight", starts out with a simple nylon string guitar - and moves into a deep and rich r&b groove. Tey's voice is sweet and simple - with timbre that will at once remind you of more intimate and delicate Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie, and Abdul. She employs effects that pitch-correct flurries ala Cher's most recent hits. "100% Pure Love" has a bass line that reminds us of some of our favorite 90's groovers. The background vocals feature a rawness that is really nice - other performers standing out with individual quality (oh oh oh oh oh ma). We love Tey's cover tunes. She takes on both Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and VanWarmer's, "Just When I Needed You Most". The latter an inventive and chord altered modulating dream-like version. Our favorite track, and a bit avante garde, "I Cannot See", is a tortured tune of confusion that has an acid beat and a vulnerable Tey singing of running away. Well done.

SOUTHBOUND Beat Magazine

by Mary Rudy, Tey Punsalan has a dynamite voice that is strong, vibrant and projects every note she belts out. And along with that the musicianship on her ‘Take Me High’ CD is of top caliber. Tey’s strongest vocal points on this cd in my opinion are wrapped in her song, 'World Without You', she demonstrates exactly what she has to offer the listener in her vocal talents. At this time in a review I usually name a few of the tracks that caught my attention, I have decided not to do that this time around as every single song on this cd is more than worth mentioning....Tey has the ability to be an playful artist while at the sametime she can bring a tear to your eye. Excellent work!! You the listener needs to hear this lil' lady and you can catch her at BOTTOM LINE: High Caliber of Talent…..Excellent Musicianship…..Vocals to capture your heart and soul……Messages in each song that can be identified by someone - somewhere at anytime….Make sure to visit Tey Punsalan’s Website at: , purchase your own ‘Take Me High’ CD.

Kweevak Music

TEY – THAT'S HOW I FEEL TONIGHT: Tey Punsalan is an actress, model and alto tenor singer. Tey was born in the Philippians and came to the United States as a child. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois she developed wide musical tastes with an inclination towards powerful female vocalists such as Barbara Streisand and Natalie Merchant. Since a young age Tey has been writing songs and today she is penning and performing. That's How I Feel Tonight features nine dance/pop mixes of spirited covers and animated originals. Tey's delivery is smooth and sultry, easily flowing over up-tempo rhythms. The CD opens strong with the title track written by Tey. The song is melodic with Tey's breathy singing melding over a solid beat and subtle sound effects. Her version of 'Never Knew Love' is lively with Tey's vocals lilting over a danceable drum track. Tey Punsalan's music will keep you moving and That's How I Feel Tonight is very radio friendly! • Recommended Tracks: (1,5) USA/IL 2006


Tey Punsalan , possesses a unique alto tenor voice , that is simultaneously beguiling & altruistic in nature. Her emotive vocal technique of subtle resonance , speaks to the heart & soul of a listener. Tey is an audio temptress of sonic dreamscapes Her “Take Me High” project , has a reflective ambiance that echos Anita Baker & Diana Ross ; The title cut is compositionally an extension of her musical art that distinguishes Tey Punsalan from a vocal & visual perspective , with a sultry & hypnotically romantic impact “Looking For A Real Love” is a four-four time dance tune that melds elements of electronica into a platform that Cher or Madonna would feel comfortable performing ; The difference that makes the effect of the music unique is the treatment that Tey Punsalan effects in her Vox. She handles the emotive arrangement with a delicacy that is not redundant or pretentious. This cannot be said of the former or latter “World Without You” is a fine ballad with a syncopated groove that contains a splash of Caribbean flavor. A positive lyrical message compliments the proceedings ‘You’ve Stopped Loving Me” breaks out with a minor cadence pocket , coupled to an urban influenced pulsation. A reflective & somber aura encases a diversity of mood that highlights Tey Punsalan’s emotive diversity ‘Sex On The Beach” is a tune that shadows a touch of Bananarama meets Cyndi Lauper ; Whereas in ‘Tease Me” , a trip-hop element is brought into the mix & widens the perspective with a subtle intimation of intention Tey Punsalan intrinsically encapsulates multiple qualities of entrancement & magnetism that are hard to resist. A mysterious enigmatic flow of presence follows Tey Punsalan , everywhere she ventures Whether it be on the cinematic screen or international music performance stage , Tey Punsalan projects a beatific image that would be the envy of say , a Tia Carrere , if the latter had a voice Tey Punsalan is an entertainment enigma , that defies description , as she travels towards a star that shines onwards into a destiny of light & love

Feminine Groove at Evolving Artist

playing "What Can I Do" by Tey Punsalan


Tey Punsalan has an amazing voice. This collection of pop-techno lets her voice really shine. She has the kind of voice our mainstream pop-princesses should be envious of. I wonder what she would sound like backed by synthesised keyboards and guitar... or even piano and violins

Music Connection Magazine

‘Take Me High’ has a tranquilizing quality to it—even for a cd that intends to party. Very sweet and delicate performances. It has a quiet and sexy melodic feel to it and certainly shows Tey as an artist. The songs have a necessary dance vibe that is nicely manifested. The production is clear. The melodies are very catchy. Tey’s voice is pristine. There’s a lot to say about her work. Most importantly, there is something about the presentation that seems guided by the great creative power. ‘Stay on your path with the burning determination that emanates from your soul’.

Son of Pearl

The Silk that comes from her voice you can wrap yourself in on a cold night as the rain falls on your window pane. The passion in her words lead you to that place that keeps you up all night waiting for that phone call....the production is tight and being a bass player I love the grooves that are there but not in the way of the words. Get the cd..... Son Of Pearl


Tey's CD, "Take Me High", is a collection of 9 pop/dance tunes that starts with vocals inspired by the King of Pop - quivering tenor/alto vocals paint atop a slow groove and airy background voices. The background vocals have a helium taking-her-(pitch)-high quality that is interesting and endearing. The tune showcases Tey's voice. The dance groove explodes with "Looking for a Real Love", which has a beat that would be at home on any dance floor or video game dance machine. Track 5, "Sex on the Beach" reinforces the sexuality that Tey exudes through her music. The happy tune exclaims, 'i want to have sex on the beach, come on move your body, come on where's the party tonight'. "Tease Me", track 8, continues the sultry direction as vocal samples of whispers, groans, and near-orgasmic moans pepper the beat. The overall groove is our favorite on the record as, although continuous, starts and stops in a jerking musical motion with the keys and instruments. Listen. The final track, "I Can't Sleep", is sung in a language we believe to be Tagalog. The result is a mysterious and provocative sound that moves the dance floor yet again.

deebeedee deebeedee

Tey Punsalan - pop singer who sings both in English and Tagalog (she's like a Pinay Samantha Fox or something)


Tey's CD, "Mouthful of Love", is a tamer and more adult contemporary pop vocal r&b effort than Tey's two other dance/pop entries here. The title track, which is the last tune on the CD, is sweet acoustic guitar based love song which is more about story and lyrical journey than about groove and pop stances. The title is clearly designed for suggestive double meaning - as are the lyrics - 'i've got a mouthful of love. . a box full of joy. . got a pair of helping hands. . you can come at any time. .. But the song, mp3'd here, is about encouragement and relationship support. Artistically it's a deeper picture into Tey's person. On the CD there are versions of some songs that also appear on "Take Me High" like 'Looking. . ", "Sex on the Beach", and "Take Me High". Most notably, however, are the four tunes done in Tagalog. They are beautifully and seemingly heartfelt - although we don't know what she's singing about...and it doesn't really matter since it just sounds good. The opening track, "Isan Linggo Na Naman", has an Anita Baker quality to Tey's vocals that is pure and clear. Adult contemporary r&b with a touch of dance by a fine singer and pop performer.

Here And There Ezine

Very cool high energy dance music from L.A. based Tey Punsalan. Tey has a very soft and gentle voice that is very enjoyble to listen to. Starting a pop album with a ballad is a daring move but Tey pulls it off seamlessly. And while she does drift a bit into Cher territory on "Looking for a Real Love",Tey bounces back strong on the rest of this album. The one thing I found curious on this album is the parent warning label....there is nothing on this album that you wouldn't find on a mainstream dance album. This is a nice glimpse at a talent that will glow brighter with her next release. Recommeded

Manila U.S. Times

Tey Punsalan : A Compleat Entertainer


Tey Punsalan : The Artist as a Filipina We have to admit that we got a little carried away when we did the photo shoot for this story - making our lives more difficult when we had to choose from the pile of 150 pictures - which photos to run. Originally from Chicago, Tey moved to Los Angeles to make a mark as a performer and she surely has! Most passionate for life itself, Tey surely is making most out of it. " I think life is heaven on earth if we just let it and see it," she stated. " I see the ocean and the trees and the flowers and the sky and what more can you ask for at that moment in time," she continued. "We have choices and we have an abundance of things around us and that's why we are here, to enjoy life. Life makes my art possible."

Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine

One of favorite songwriters

Indie Artist Station

1. Describe your publicity and promotion mix, how are you reaching people, how are you letting them know about your music and message? TEY: Any way and any where possible. Here’s just some examples: Live shows anywhere from 1 mile to 10000 miles from home. I can go on and on. The internet and your website is a must! Guest spots on tv shows, get into newspapers and magazines. Do interviews such as this. Do everything and anything to get your music out there! Get creative too! 2. What has been extremely successful for you in getting your CD out there, conversely what has been lukewarm and what has not worked for you? TEY: Live shows and live promotion has been most effective as well as fans, family, and friends plus their friends and family and so on and on pushing your cd’s. Every avenue needs to be tapped. And even though you don’t see instant results from a promo, don’t give up. Be patient. 3. Are you able to support yourself with your music? What made that possible if so. TEY: Definitely! What makes this possible is the sales of cd’s and performing live all the time. 1. Has your decision to remain independent, at least thus far, been more a product of not receiving the major label deal that you'd like or is it your preference? TEY: I haven’t tried for a major record label deal. My plan is to sell at least 50,000 independently so I can have better negotiating power with the major labels. It’s so much more work to release an album independently but also much more rewarding when you get the results you worked so hard for. 2. What promotion gimmicks has just been a waste of time and money for you? TEY: I find that any promotion is good promo, I have not spent money on promoting. I’ve been blessed with friends, family, fans who truly believe in me and support me fully. 3. Have your live shows worked out? TEY: Naturally, there’s nothing like doing live shows. I love doing live shows and I think it shows and that is why people remember you and you get known by more and more people who see you perform. 4. Management, do you need it? Who is it? TEY: Definitely, it’s nearly impossible to do everything yourself. I’ve been fortunate to be working with a wonderful management team who have the same goals and who work so so hard to get there. 5. How do you show you appreciate the fans on your website? TEY: Pictures pictures, pictures, and have a way to communicate with them. Keep everything up to date 6. Would you like to give a shout-out (anything to say) to your fans? Is there a "best of" fan experience? TEY: It’s all about the fans. We cannot do what we do without our fans. That’s one of the reasons we do it so that others can appreciate and enjoy and experience and change because of your music 7. Is there a supportive music scene in your city right now? How did your relationship with everyone get started? TEY: Just that all musicians and the like help each other any way they can. You are never in competition with anyone because no one is ever alike. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Give everyone what you would like for yourself and you can never go wrong. 8. Has anyone been especially helpful in helping you out so far? How did you meet? TEY: Many experts from written publications, promotional groups, and composers and musicians 9. When did music begin to become important to you? Did this come from your parents or did you find this music on your own? TEY: Music has always been important to me because it’s a universal language, it’s the language of the soul. It’s about sharing and connecting with one another. 10. Were you trained in music from childhood or were you self-taught? TEY: I trained with several mentors but the rest depends on you. The rest depends on hard work, perseverance, and heart, and soul. 11. When you think about subjects for your songs, do you have a list of ideas in your head? TEY: Always. Everything can be a subject for songs, from how you wake up in the morning to how a person has changed your life. 12. Many singers work hard to find their "sound." Did you struggle to find yours? TEY: It doesn’t take over night to find your own voice. I think we continually change as people and as artists therefore our ‘sound’ change with us. We can never remain constant cause then you’re not living. 13. Do you actually think about how you want to present yourself? Do you try to be "cool", think about "style & impression" on stage presence? TEY: Of course you have to think about how you present yourself, you have to find yourself, who you are and who and what you would like to project. You have to find your edgy self. I have to be myself always, but you have to go all the way with it, you can’t be wishy washy, find yourself and be yourself every second you’re on stage or even off stage and you can never go wrong 14. What mistakes have you seen in your experience or in observing other artists in their music career? TEY: Not being true to themselves, not being comfortable in their own skin. Afraid to take risks, on stage and off stage 15. What mistakes have you made that was an eye-opener for you? TEY: Not taking each note seriously, every note counts. Not taking each word seriously, every word counts. 16. What should be on every artist's reading list? dvd list? TEY: An artist must know the business as well as their art so read, read, read! Poetry, meaning in life, positive energy reading. And watch, watch, watch! Other shows and concerts of other artists. There's always something to learn. 17. How do you use the Internet for self-promotion and distribution? TEY: Selling cd’s on line, promoting your website, interviews such as this 18. Some people might complain about the aches & pains of the indie musician life but let's stress the positive? What do you love about being an indie? TEY: No one telling you what to do and how to do things, you are your own boss. I love the relationships you find. Finding people who are on the same wavelength in both music as art and money. 19. How do you balance your music career and a social life? TEY: What social life??!? Just kidding. You have to enjoy ever minute of everyday whether you are with your band members or with close friends and family. The musicians I’ve worked with have become wonderful friends and a lot of times I don’t consider that work. I enjoy music so much and I know they do as well. We are very supportive of one another whether it be music wise or social wise 20. In everything you've done with your music career... what aspects were "pure luck"? what aspects were sweat & passion? TEY: It’s all sweat and passion, and tears hardly anything comes easy and the ones that look like they came easy where also from hard hard work and passion and tears 21. Who’s your favorite person to work with in the music industry? TEY: I love great musicians and great producers who are open to anything and anyone 22. Can you share with us your studio experience? TEY: Working in the studio is a blessing, that’s where it all starts, all the creativity and heart. It’s like painting a picture, you can paint anything you want in an empty canvas. Improvisations are very important because that’s where all the real and intense stuff come our from your heart and soul 23. If someone could wave a magic want of knowledge, what would you like to know about the music industry or change about your music career? TEY: I would love everyone to have my music and really understand it and to have them go to places they’ve never been before 24. What advice would you give other fresh musicians wanting to get into this business? TEY: Give it all you’ve got in sweat and heart and soul, and be yourself

Ink 19

Makes Mariah Carey sound like someone who made it on the basis of her talent. Makes Pseudo Echo sound like lyrical geniuses.

Splendid Magazine

Take Me High is a timely reminder that you don't have to be an earnest lo-fi bedroom songwriter, a large group of unemployed Canadians or a cutting edge laptop Mozart to be an independent artist; there are also folks like Tey Punsalan, who turn their marketable looks, vocal skills and modest financial resources toward hooking the same demographic that regularly buys Anita Baker, Cher and Mariah Carey CDs. That's right -- Tey Punsalan makes blunt, sugary, kinda-cloying pop songs. Punsalan colors comfortably within the lines, delivering her product as consistently and conscientiously as a first-time franchisee. In this case, that means tackling facile lyrics like the title track's couplet "Take me high / make me fly", but acting like they're pure Shakespeare -- a task at which Punsalan excels. Image is crucial here; Take Me High probably wouldn't even score a cursory listen if Punsalan were a dumpy fifty-three year-old hotel chambermaid, but because she's a hot, Tia Carrere-looking Filipino who often forgets to wear a brassiere for her photo shoots, male reviewers will be inclined to be more forgiving. There's a whole page of photos of Punsalan in various revealing outfits. "I Can't Sleep" strives for happy hardcore/rave anthem status, and Punsalan's Donna Summer imitation fits the bill perfectly. For most listeners, it'll be too little, too late, but it goes a long way to establishing Punsalan's unique niche. At last, twenty-something gay ad execs and their seventy year-old casino-loving grandmothers have an artist they can both enjoy...

Hataw Pinoy Chicago

The show has a pool of volunteer talents and crew and has been a venue for various local and Philippine-based artists in plugging their upcoming shows and concerts here in Chicago. Among the celebrities who have appeared in the show are: Jocelyn Enriquez (Queen of Freestyle), Aiza Seguerra, Rica Peralejo, Judy Ann Santos, John Lapuz, APO Hiking Society, Bukas Palad Music Ministry, Jonard Yanzon of 17:28, Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Joey Albert, Rachel Alejandro, Geneva Cruz, Fe Delos Reyes, Bernardo Bernardo, Fr. Manoling Francisco, Leah Navarro, Imelda Papin, Claire dela Fuente, Eva Eugenio, Rico J. Puno, Hajji Alejandro, Nonoy Zuniga, Rey Valera, Marco Sison, Camille Velasco, IBU, Parokya ni Edgar, Rex Navarette, Willie Nepomuceno, Bamboo, Ai-Ai de las Alas, Lea Salonga, Louie Reyes, Patricia Javier, Three of A Kind, Nora Aunor, Hangad, Harlemm Lee, Patricio Ginelsa, Jr., Christian Bautista, Jordan Segundo, Lani Misalucha, Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, Piolo Pascual, Regine Velasquez, Tirso Cruz III, Troy Montero, Gary Bareña, Tey Punsalan and Golda. Hataw Pinoy Chicago!’s first episode was aired on November 30, 2003 and after a mere 2 years in existence, it has already gained a faithful following among members of the Filipino-American community as well as other ethnic groups in the area. Its viewership continues to grow as word of the show spreads through word of mouth and through the publication of publicity materials in the community newspapers. Everyone involved in the production is dedicated to the cause of offering its audience a Filipino-American variety show that every Pinoy would be proud of. They have their eyes set on their goal and hope to bring the show to much wider audience in the future. Today Chicago, tomorrow the world!

Carousel Pinoy

Sinuportahan si David ng mga Fil-Am celebrities na aking mga inimbitahan katulad ng rockstar na si MiG Ayesa (kasama nito ang asawang si Simone na based na rin dito sa Los Angeles), ang dating American Idol contestant na si Jasmine Trias, ang "L.A. Miss Saigon" na si Jennifer Paz, ang aktor na si Dante Basco (may bago itong pelikulang ipalalabas sa Abril 7 at kasama nito sa lead role si Antonio Banderas, ang "Take The Lead"), ang aktor at choreographer na si Cris Judd (na nag-abot ng bulaklak sa bridal finale segment ng show), ang 2005 U.S. Miss World titlist na si Lisette Diaz, ang singer at aktres na si TEY PUNSALAN, at ang Oscar nominated na Pinay na si Pia Clemente. Hindi man nakarating si Cheryl Burke (ang dance champion ng "Dancing with the Stars") ay nagpasabi naman ito na gustong-gusto nitong makarating nguni't baka gahulin ito sa oras mula sa naunang kompromiso kaya't nagpauna na ito na baka hindi makarating.

Effective Magazine

Irresistibly combining raw, unbridled sensuality with a rich, soulful voice that her thousands of excited fans have compared favorably to everyone from Aretha Franklin to Sade, Philippine born, Chicago bred L.A. transplant Tey is truly a musical citizen of the world. Tapping into the passions of grooving R&B fans across the globe, Tey’s infectious soul/pop vibe has been a mainstay in DJ record pools and a hit on internet and terrestrial radio stations across the U.S. (from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Texas and California) and Europe since the release of her sexy dance-oriented debut Take Me High in 2004. Working with hit pop producer Rene Van Verseveld (whose credits include the smash hit “Pump Up The Jam” and numerous projects by Enrique Iglesias), Tey has kept her integrity as an indie artist strong while building career momentum with a her follow-up releases, including a mostly Tagalog language CD (with the hit English single “Mouthful of Love”) and her 2006 disc “That’s How I Feel Tonight” (which included a critically acclaimed cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”). The title track from Tey’s latest 4-song EP Tell Me hit the Top 10 on stations like Reading, PA’s WXAC, rising among hits by superstars like Alicia Keys, J. Holiday and L’il Wayne. The EP also features a dreamy, seductive hip-hop take on “I Will Always Love You.”